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Are You Tired And Fed Up With Your Current Digital Marketing Agency?

This is the most commonly heard complaint by us from the business owner. The reason is you and your agency have no consultant in between who can give clarity to both the parties in a language of digital marketing. That is where we step in. We understand your vision and goal from digital marketing and guide your agency. We assess their performances on a monthly basis and present a clear picture to you if you are being cheated by them.  As a digital marketing consultant our goal is to present a clear picture to you and a growth driven action plan to your agency.  Well, if required we can also provide you the digital marketing services for your business.

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Online Marketing Consultant

We manage your digital marketing agency or in-house team for you to get maximum results from them. Most business owners don’t know how to measure the results shown by their digital marketing agencies. We bridge this gap for you and ensure that your agency does full justice with your business and investments.

Website Design & Audit

Remember your website is the most important tool of your online marketing. But according to our research 80% of business owners do not choose the right platform and technology for their website. There are many important parameters to consider while designing the website so that it can pull the right traffic to the right pages and get qualified leads for us. As an online marketing consultant we do a detailed audit of your website and provide the shortfall report. Else we can design a lead magnet website for your business.

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Social Media Audit and Management

Your social media is not healthy if you are just getting a few likes on each post but no sale. Your Social media should result in measurable sales, leads, and increased brand reputation. And if this is not happening with you then probably your social media needs a new approach. Our digital marketing consultancy provide 360* social media audit and social media management services also for your brand.

Paid Advertising

Investments on online paid advertisement is always a risk for business. Every penny you invest on your paid advertisement should bring high ROI for you. An excellent paid champion is a result of creative copywriting, setting right TG and right channel. We at R.A. Digital helps our clients to get effective ROI for their paid advertisements.

advertising for effective ROI
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Higher Leads & Better Conversion

Being an online marketing consultant R A Mentoring ensures that your business gets higher leads month on month. Conversion is a technical game and we fully trust our Conversion Rate Optimization experts for tuning this for your business. We leave no method untouched for ensure to prepare a sound lead strategy for your business’s online marketing.

Wallah ! Once we finish all the tasks mentioned above - Success is Guaranteed, Isn’t it?

Our Process

Normally we don’t discuss X tool or Y tool with our clients. We just ask them to let us know their primary concern of online marketing.

If it is Branding, Reputation management, SEO, Leads, Blogs, Social Media or anything else, we are simply simple and give our assurance to fix the issues asap.

We focus on website restructuring for SEO, Lead magnet campaigns, Strong Emailers, Smart paid ads and take you along with us on a path of success.



Our job starts with the assessment of your current online marketing status. We audit your website and social media to create exhaustive reports for your business.  For fresh business we sit down with the client and understand his vision and prepare a buyer’s persona.


Competition Tracking

Once we get the primary details of your business we track the online competition based on the primary keywords you will provide us. Competition reports help us to decide which path we should adapt for your business. If you are hiring us only as a digital marketing consultant we keep your online marketing agency in the loop for implementing the action plan.



Once our action plan is set it is a time to optimize your website, social media channels, emailers, off page SEO, meta information, rich texts etc. We do not believe in omni-channel approach of marketing. We prefer multichannel approach simply because using the unique power of each channel and excelling our business quickly. 


Results & Reviews

This is our favorite part. Not just because we are good at it but for its need. We invest a lot of time to analyze the result of our campaign and see where the scope of improvement is. Working as a digital marketing consultancy we discuss the results with your agency thoroughly and immend the plans.



This is our favorite part. Not just because we are good at it but for its need. We invest a lot of time to analyze the result of our campaign and see where the scope of improvement is. Working as a digital marketing consultancy we discuss the results with your agency thoroughly and immend the plans.

9 out of 10 clients of R A Mentoring invite us for the success celebration every month and the one who does not calls us for the annual celebration 🙂

What is our secret sauce?

Well its really a secret!  But just to give you little cues we have figured out what settings and parameters are going to work for Indian Business.  Our methods are the main ingredients of our secret sauce and you can start seeing the results within six months. 

Our experts are ready to drive the online marketing of your business from today itself. Speak to us or connect us online to understand what core vitals your online marketing approach is missing and how we can help you in that.  R A Mentoring’s online marketing consultancy is an extremely win-win offer for any business where you become tension free from giving instructions to your digital marketing agency from time to time. 

So, what are you waiting for…let’s speak right away. 

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