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Security is a top priority at Rishi Aacharya Mentoring OPC PVT LTD and on it’s website, and we make every effort to ensure that our transaction process is safe and that your personal information is secure.

Rishi Aacharya Mentoring OPC PVT LTD and any of its affiliate bodies, will never e-mail or call you to disclose or verify any of your passwords (Credit card/ Debit card/ Netbanking etc) or Secret PINs. If you are contacted or receive an unsolicited e-mail which asks you any such information, disregard the request and report it to us at

How to Identify Spoof or Phishing E-mails?

  • If you receive an e-mail asking you for personal information or directing you to a site other than, it could be a “spoof” or “phishing” e-mail and should be considered as fraudulent.
  • Some phishing e-mails contain links to websites that contain the word “Rishi Aacharya Mentoring OPC PVT LTD” somewhere in the URL but will take you to a completely different website. If you hover over the link you often can see the underlying URL which will be in a different format to those linked to within the Rishi Aacharya Mentoring OPC PVT LTD.
  • If you click through on a phishing e-mail and are taken to a page looking like “Your Account” or anything that asks you to verify or change your personal details, you should consider it as fraudulent.
  • Usually, fake e-mail messages are NOT personalized, while valid messages from Indiatimes shopping are. The following is an example from a real phishing scheme:
    • Dear Customer / User 

You are requested to take a backup of your data by signing or clicking on this link and by entering your user name and password details. Please do this on asap basis. we are not responsible for any lose to your data. 


Rishi Aacharya Mentoring OPC PVT LTD 

Such type of e-mails should be immediately discarded and make sure you do not click on the links given by them.

You can also inform us about such emails to catch them fast.