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ChatGPT Prompts

How Chat GPT Works : Let’s See

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Write a very short letter to my mom

Write a very short letter to my mom who is turing 55 on 1st July, Wish her a great healthy life ahead and give her a surprise that I have booked USA tour tickets for her and my dad. At the end of the letter make two line poem also showing gratitude of a son for his mom.

Create quizzes to boost engagement on social media

Write 5 Quiz questions for my {Dental clinic Business}

Question should be basic level. Out of 3 options 2 options should be wrong and 1 right answer. Mention the right answer as well. generate relevant hashtags also for each question

Write 50 more

Generating: E- Book Name and Tagline

I want to write an ebook on email marketing as lead magnet. my target group is coaches and mentors of every field in India. Please suggest some catchy book names with a tagline.

E- Book : My Introduction

Now write a 500 words introduction for me to use in this book. Introduce me as the authority of email marketing and digital marketing. I have trained and helped more than 1000 Indian Mentors and Coaches to get 20X ROI using simple Email Marketing Techniques. Welcome my readers in this book.

E- Book: Chapters

Write 5 relevant chapters of this ebook

E- Book : Chapters Details

Explain chapter 1 in 1000 words with simple examples and tips wherever is applicable.

E- Book : Conclusion and CTA

Now as a conclusion of this book write a call to action matter where the readers are encouraged to join my 20 days email marketing course with a 10% flat discount to sign up with code “Ebook10”. Close my ebook on a happy note

E- Book : Cover design brief for designer

Write an concept for cover design of this ebook for my graphics designer in simple 200 words

Company Introduction Mail to the Client

My name is Sunil Chaudhari, My company name is SkyDec Interior. I run a interior designing service business. My target audience are Large and Medium Hospital Owners , Clinics , Pathology Lab and Diagnosis Centres. My specialities are Served more than 500 clients pan India, On time project completion, Complete assessment of the project with turn key solution, Quality materials, Post Service Support, Write a short marketing email to introduce my company to them and ask for a appointment to meet them for discussing working opportunities.

Email Script to Website Enquiry

My name is Sunil Chaudhari, My company name is SkyDec Interior. I run a interior designing service for healthcare business.

Write a short email as the 1st email to the prospects who have filled our enquiry form on the website to assure them that we will contact them shortly

Testimonial Prompt: GMB

Write 150 words testimonial for my Mentor Dr. Rishi Aacharya, Founder of Rishi Aacharya Mentoring.

And Appreciate his teaching skills and doubt-solving skills and also mentioned that he is one of the best Market in the entire India.

You need to write testimonials for his advanced course on ChatGPT, AI , SEO, and all digital marketing course.

Where he teaches every single thing right from basic and takes topics to an advanced level and helps master every single topic in easy language.

Testimonial Prompt: GMB

Write 150 words testimonial for {industry} business of {name}. Appreciate his rich quality , customer service and reasonable price. Show the complete satisfaction of the investment made. You need to write testimonial for {Services} and show that I am the best in {long tail keyword} in {city}

Write 150 words testimonial for cooking classes business of Sangeeta. Appreciate her rich quality , customer service and reasonable price. Show the complete satisfaction of the investment made. You need to write testimonial for cooking class coaching and show that she is the best cooking coach in pune city.

Social Media Calendar

Creating 1 month Social Media Calendar

Prepare a 1-month social media calendar for my Healthcare brand to engage my audience.

Here are the things to keep in consideration to create social media calendar.

3 Instagram posts, 2 Facebook posts, and 1 YouTube Video for each week. Add relevant hashtags also with this.

Getting more details around Social Media Post

Can you give me the content ideas for week 1 Instagram post?

Getting Schedule in Calendar Form

Awesome, Now can you please convert this into a tabular format

Finding out Blog Topics

I am an digital marketing consultant in India and want to write blogs for customers. Please suggest some trendy one line topics for my blogs. only topics no description.

Blog Writing

Create a seo friendly blog post about “email marketing”. Write it in a friendly tone with simple english. Use transition words. Use active voice. Write over 750 words. Use very creative titles for the blog post. Add a title for each section. Ensure there are a minimum of 5 sections. Each section should have a minimum of two paragraphs. Include the following keywords: “{digital marketing consultant in pune}”. Create a good slug for this post and a meta description with a maximum of 100 words and add it to the end of the blog post. End the blog post with a call to action for joining my online course.

Developing Job Description

write a job description and vacancy add for the accountant for our company Ritesh Associate . We are located in Delhi. A leading company in financial services industry. our email is hr@riteshassociates.com

Write this in hindi

Interview Questions

I have my dental clinic in India and I want to conduct an interview with my marketing manager. Tell me the set of questions I can ask him during the interview. The questions should be in simple language and around marketing for dental clinics. Consider the applicant as fresher.

Ask these questions in hindi

Appointment Letter

Create an appointment letter for Mr. Mahesh Sharma , selected as the post of accountant.

Ab jaan bhi le lo ChatGPT Ki

ok , he has joined my company, now what work I should assign him

Ab ChatGPT se khudkushi bhi karva lo

Now you please come to see if he is doing the work properly or no