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We help small businesses by providing profit making

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Rishi Aacharya’s mission is to empower 1 million business with

affordable and effective online marketing services

How we help

R A Mentoring is one of the most trusted and result driven digital marketing agencies and online marketing consultancy. We comprovide complete digital marketing services for small businesses in India. We help you to solve following issues of your business

  • Online Branding
  • Increased Leads
  • High Conversions
  • Fueling Online Sales
  • Returning customers
  • High ROI
  • Customer Relations
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Who We Are

R A Mentoring is India’s fastest growing digital marketing consultant & coach  in India. 

It is fueled by Dr. Rishi Aacharya an IIM Jammu Alumnus and Winner of Indian Achievers Award for Top 10 Digital Marketers in India. Dr. Rishi is an in-demand online marketing coach, trainer and an authority of digital marketing for Small & Medium Enterprises. 

R A Mentoring is an online marketing consultant with guaranteed results. We work with very limited and selected businesses to focus our energies and do the justice. We also work as an independent online marketing consultant for your business to make sure that you get maximum output from your digital marketing agency and are not fooled by them. We empower and strengthen your business in the storm of million dollar E-Commerce companies.

What We Do

How about we tell you that we do Website design, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, PPC Ads, Amazon, Affiliates marketing, Influencer and bla bla bla.  Or Simply, we get more Leads and Sales for you? Which one interests you more? Surely, the Second one. 

Yes, that’s what we exactly do. All our tools and domains work like an engine to accelerate your online sales, leads, clientele, brand reputation and ROI. We don’t bang on our tools expertise we bang upon our strategies and approach to solve all your online marketing cliches.  However if you get satisfaction only by counting tools and applications you will get enough information on our service page.

Our Mission is Your Profit

Every business is very special to us. We understand the need of pre pre-service assessment of your business for any online marketing service. Our team sets up an online call with you to understand your business deeply. This call is not to pitch our services but to understand your pain areas and where you need our help. 

Your business’s assessment gives us enough information to build a solid online marketing strategy for you. These digital marketing plans are totally customized and tailor made to suit your business. We present our strategy sheet to you along with the digital marketing services we’ll need to go ahead. We also tell you the timeline and expected results for taking the right decision.

Do only online digital marketing services guarantee sales? NO. It is a mutual process. Every strategy and each campaign we do for your business needs us again to review what clicked and what didn’t.  This is the stage where most digital marketing agencies fail. At R A Mentoring we make sure whether you are taking online marketing consultancy or digital marketing services from us. We keep improving our plans to stay at the peak of Rankings & Results.

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At the end what matters is you are getting enough leads for your business and making more profits year on year - and that is why we work with you.

R A Mentoring is giving best results for Rank#1 and #2 on Google for the “Keywords” of our clients. This happens only because of our solid online marketing team and the secret sauce we put on our digital marketing recipes.

We Know how important it is for your business to get Rank#1 in google, and we are committed for that